“Tons of Rock Festival is something completely new and unique.

In fact, Tons of Rock Festival goes inside Fredriksten Fortress, which makes this into something very special and spectacular. Fredriksten Fortress is an impressive sight, and is one of the best preserved fortifications from the 1600s in Europe. An important historical fortress with lots of history and lots of dramatic and cruel kind. The fortress was besieged by Swedes entire 6 times. but never admitted, and it was here that the legendary Swedish King Karl XII was shot and died in 1718. With it also stopped The Great Nordic War‘. The story and the events sitting in the brick walls of the fortress and it gives a very special experience to move around the fortress site and all its buildings, paths, tunnels, halls, museums etc. A better festival area for Norway’s new rock festival is near impossible to find.

Probably not in all of Europe.”