I got the chance to test my new camera as Union Rock celebrated 20 years with Redwood, De Sørgelige Restene, Bare Egil Band and Black Debbath on the stage. Well, I can’t say I’m impressed with the camera, but the nights opening act, the up and coming, local Redwood on the other hand… Their released material really doesn’t do the bands live-performance justice.

De Sørgelige Restene (The Sorrowful Remains) had a release on their new single “Alle Elsker Min Sæd” (“Everybody Loves My Sperm”). Need I say more?

Bare Egil Band (Only Egil Band) went bananas as you can see, and everybody got as expected. To my foreign friends I would explain Bare Egil as kind of norway’s answer to Stephen Lynch, so you get the picture.

And Black Debbath always delivers with their well known “Heavy Politically Incorrect Humor Rock”. Great great fun.